W- und P-Seminare im Fach Englisch seit 2009

W- Seminare 2009/2011

W-Seminare 2009/2010

  • 1066 and all that (Gy)

  • The renaissance of the English novel – movies based on English classics and 20th century literature in today’s cinemas (Fü)

W-Seminare 2010/2011

  • The insanity of normality: psychological disorders in English literature (Sk/Hl)

  • Language and the mind – The basics of (psycho-)linguistics (He)

W-Seminare 2011/2012

  • Vampires in popular fiction (Hl)

  • Great Anglo-American feature film directors and their masterpieces (Ko)

  • From colony to superpower – a history of the USA 1776 – 1918 (Ma)

W-Seminare 2012/2013


P-Seminar 2009/2011

P-Seminare 2009/2010

  • Business English: A workshop for the employees of a Weilheim company (Hl)

P-Seminare 2010/2011

  • Language Learning goes digital – Creating a database of audiovisual documents and materials as a resource for learning English (Em)