My exchange

Hey, my name is Eva, and I was in Canada for 6 months. Everything started with the idea to go to another country, learn the language, earn experiences and just have a great time. I thought about what countries I would like, and I ended up with Canada. My organisation MAP planned most of it and we also had a meeting where they explained everything and you where able to ask questions. When I finally got my host family I was kind of worried that it wont fit at first. But now I know that my host family is amazing and the best I could got. So, when the day of my flight finally came, I was really exited. I had to fly alone because I flew one month earlier than normally because I joined the school ski team. After saying goodbye to my family and some tears, I was in the plane and asking myself what I’m doing here. The flight was long and after changing to another plane and another hour flight I saw my host family for the first time. I was really happy, but to be honest I can’t remember a lot of the day because I was so tired. I loved my host family from the beginning and I can really say that I have a second family. On my first day we went skiing and it was so much fun. The skiing here is amazing. On my first day of school I met my homestay coordinator and she explained to me all the rules and introduced me to the school. After that 2 other exchange students showed me around the school. I got my own locker, and than went into my first class. In Canada you just have 4 different classes every day, and at my school I was able to choose classes like food, photography, leadership or wood work. The school that I joined starts at 8.36 and ends at 3.10. I had the same classes every day but in different order. We had an hour lunchbreak, and 5 minutes between every class to get stuff out of your lockers and to switch classes. After school I mostly went home and did something with my host sisters and family, or I met some friends. The people at my school were all really friendly, but they have many exchange students every year, so they were already pretty used to it and didn’t really care about what we were doing. In school, I mostly spent my time in a group with other exchange students and Canadians, but we always spoke English together. Overall, I spent most of my time with my host family, on the weekends we mostly went skiing in the winter and hiking or biking in the summer. It was so interesting to see what is important in other countries. In Germany we don’t have any dangerous animals and we don’t have to be careful at hiking, but in Canada you must be carful with bears, mousses, elks and if you don’t want to stink also skunks. They have different rules that I had to learn, and I really enjoyed it. I’m happy that I decided to go on an exchange. I improved my English and earned so much experience. I will never forget this time and it will always be a part of my life.